In 1959, Guban initiated the shoes production, and after a short period of time became a brand of quality and refinement.  Guban shoes became famous as the shoes with the most comfortable last and the finest leather, shoes which are very good maintained in paper, in their dressing box.   Personalites as Sophia Loren, Harry Truman, or the King Michael of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen have worn during the time Guban brand shoes.

    Nowadays, the whole company activity is focused on the production of shoes for women.  Guban shoes are distinguished by quality, comfort, femininity, sensuality, precious materials and rigorous studied details.  Guban shoes are both classic and contemporaries, combining the elegance of classic lines with the beauty of the last trends in fashion.

    Guban products are handmade, produced with a great attention to details, while lasts, medically studied, offering the necessary comfort for the whole day.  We like to say that we sell animated shoes, because each pair is done with a lot of passion when it passes through 40 hands, from the design to the person for whom it has been created.  Due to the fact that each person leaves a piece of her soul in everything she does, the result consists in a shoe produced with love and commitment, which aim is to gladden and underline the femininity of the person who shall wore it.

    Guban represents a “fashion statement”, addressed to a certain public: it is addressed to active women, full of attitude, whose shoes confirm their style, elegance and courage to affirm. By the experience and professionalism obtained during over 50 years of existence, combined with the innovation and passion for excellence, we managed to offer to our clients a full range of « hand-made » shoes, produced integrally from natural leather, with an innovator design and a very comfortable last.

    The most astonishing shoe produced from our factory is the classic Stiletto, a shoe which didn’t suffer any modification since the years ’60 until now, and which represents the most powerful feature of femininity and seduction.  We succeeded to make the stiletto shoe become both attractive and comfortable, transforming its wear in a pleasure for women during the whole day, accessorizing any kind of clothes, for an unforgettable appearance.