The history of Guban brand started very slow in the year 1935, with only one employee and a cream for shes.  The invention of Mr. Blaziu Guban have him the possibility, on 15September 1937, to set up the company „Guban”, together with his business partners, Kaldory and Kovacs, becoming a factory in 1940.

During the time, Guban master, having an experience as industrial chemist and finishing master at various factories of shoes, aims for the production of quality products in Romania.  For a period of 25 years, he studies the issue of shoe cream influence on the shoes durability and enters on the market with a high quality shoes cream, produced in our country, which prolongs with 50-100% shoes durability.

While he has been the company manager, Guban Blaziu wanted to contribute to the industry development, stopping the products importation, bringing new innovations in the production processes from that period, together with his employees, who were paid and encouraged to propose improvements.  His vision was to produce quality products for Romanians and to bring a new inspiration able to compete with the occidental fairs trends.  Based on this objective, he starts to travel to sample fairs from Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Paris and Prague, where he exposes “Guban” products and from were he inspires for new models of shoes.

In the year 1952 donates the company to the Romanian state, obtaining an advantageous contract, by which the state undertakes to invest a lot in the factory development. Also, it has been modified the company denomination, from the „Chemical Factory Guban Timisoara” in „State Industrial Factory Bela Breiner Timisoara” After various repartitions of locations and plants, trucks and construction works, the company increases its production activity, arriving in 1959 to have 475 employees, of which 394 directly productive employees (Resource: National Archives).

In 1963, the company denomination suffers again modifications, this time being denominated the „Factory of shoes and plastics Victoria”. The productivity shall be diversified, the company arriving to possess unities and plastics sections, products, printing plant, carpentry, metallic accessories, furriery, shoes, an artificial leather stockroom and a laboratory. Although, the shoes section remains always a priority for the already old owner who proposes „Guban Art” for women, men and children, both for the internal consumer and for export.  Shoes models succeed with an astonishing rapidity, impressing generations by elegance, refinement and comfort.

Nowadays, „Guban Art” continues, by the dedication of the persons who believe in the Romanian brand and in the vision of Mr. Blaziu. Experience and professionalism accumulated during the time, combined with the passion for excellence and with a fresh air, focused on opened innovation, aim to discover the beauty of the Romanian femininity. Guban becomes again an art, refinement and indulgence.